The Benefits of Group Therapy

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When people first start considering going to therapy to treat a problem in their life, they most commonly consider individual sessions with a therapist, but group therapy is an incredibly beneficial environment for the right situation. Sometimes it’s better for an individual to seek one-on-one guidance initially, and then, transfer to a group setting to develop a support network and enter a setting to express their frustrations with like-minded individuals. Jordan Gendelman, Ph.D. believes in the power of a dynamic therapy practice, meaning that often times individual therapy and group therapy are paired together for the best results. Let’s talk about some of the benefits from group therapy that participants might not find in other settings.

1. Support.
It goes without saying that facing your problems in a group setting means you’ve got a handful of other people that not only understand what you’re going through, but are going to be there to support you as you process your emotions. It also serves as a powerful reminder that you are not alone in your problems. You’re not broken or damaged, you’re just going through something that other people are also facing.

2. Learn about yourself.
Therapy provides insight into the reasoning behind our decisions and the inner-workings of the mind, but group therapy provides an additional level of inspection that comes from the other participants. Other group members, along with certified therapists, serve as a sounding board. You can get a wide range of reactions to what you’re sharing, which then encourages you to think about your actions and adjust appropriately.

3. Personal growth.
A great thing about group therapy that really isn’t possible in an individual session is the ability to form a community for participants to learn and grow in. Similar to providing support and serving as a sounding board, group therapy provides an environment for members to practice and nurture interpersonal skills. It’s also a safe environment. Everyone is there for more or less the same reason, so there’s no shame or embarrassment in working on personal skills and communication while with the group.

4. Two minds are better than one.

While traditional therapy provides many, many benefits (and we don’t discredit those), group therapy is also incredibly beneficial to participants because they are getting more than one opinion on how to tackle problems and find solutions in their life. Sometimes it can be just as powerful to get feedback from a peer as it is to get feedback from a professional.

5. Save money.
You’re basically splitting the cost of the hour with 5-15 other people, which automatically makes the price of group therapy sessions go way down in comparison to individual sessions. If cost has been a big factor in you seeking therapy, it might be time to consider a group setting. It provides just as many (if not more) benefits as a one-on-one session.

Jordan Gendelman, Ph.D. is dedicated to providing therapy of all types to those in need. Individual therapy is just one of the services we offer, but group therapy is also a valuable choice to make to tackle problems, find solutions, and build a community.

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